About Us

Appus Edgeband, Situated in nearby Down Town Of Ahmedabad, Gujarat is a part of JALARAM group of industries which has a past experience of more than 7 years in the segment of plastic extrusion, Textile industry & panel products. As our brand name suggest APPEUS has been established to provide such products to the furniture industries which are,

Decorative :- Beautiful in appearance.
Dynamic :- Constant upgradation in products.
Durable :- Have a very long life in it's segment.

Appeus Edgeband supplies high quality products at lowest possible price to serve the every economical class. Appeus Edgeband is working on a principal of value for money. The new manufacturing facility is equipped with state of the art manufacturing facility with selected imported machines and is already Among the biggest PVC Edge Banding manufacturers in India.

It is always an advantage to the seller and actual user to use any of Appeus Products It is Decorative, Dynamic & Durable and also " Value For Money "